I spent a lot of time brainstorming how to market my services as a Realtor to people who recently had a house on the market and the listing expired. I thought about what makes me different and why a possible seller should pick me to sell their home. I thought about what could have went wrong.

On the surface there are three things that “sell a house”: price, condition, and location and they are all dependent on each other.  For instance, you can have a beautiful home in a bad location.  Or a beautiful home in a great location which happens to be surrounded by foreclosures, which can mess up the appraisal and affect the price.  Then there are those ugly houses that are priced cheap and happen to be in a great neighborhood that draws multiple offers.

So, if the price, condition, and location are what sells a house why hire a real estate agent? More specifically, why hire me?  Well I don’t have superhuman strength so I can’t pick up your house and move it to a more desirable neighborhood. However, I can make sure that every possible buyer will know that your house is on the market and I will also make sure that every agent who is representing a buyer will know that your house is on the market.  I know what you are thinking: How will you do that Ashley?

Here is just an inkling of what I do for my Sellers to market their homes:

1) I personally view every property in your neighborhood that is for sale. Basically I “size up” the competition.  Most Buyers are looking to buy in a specific neighborhood because of the location, amenities, or proximity that will enrich their quality of life.  So location is a level playing field.  I want to know what upgrades and special features the competition has.  This is good information when considering listing price, which is set by the Seller, based on facts that provide.

2) I consider myself a “Master Marketer”.  If the only reason to list with an agent is to get your home on the MLS then there would be a lot more successful agents and a lot less expired listings.  My marketing consists of throwing out many nets to catch the attention of many buyers.

I take great photos to ensure that your homes first impression online is the best impression, not just on the MLS but also on the syndicated sites that feed off of the MLS (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com). I want your home to be “favorited” by as many prospective buyers as possible.

I send consistent email blasts to my network of Agents, which is well over 100 in the Charlotte area,  and personally ask them to comb their clients for possible Buyers who may be interested in my listing.  I also invite them over to a Brokers Open so they can personally see the listing and give me their impressions on price and condition – a little constructive criticism doesn’t hurt.

3) Open Houses are great and all, but how good is an open house when no Buyers come?  I make sure I drive Buyers to my listings.  I personally make sure that your neighborhood knows that there is an awesome listing for sale close to them.  More than likely there is someone in the neighborhood that knows someone who would like to live there.  No I don’t mail beautiful flyers which will be thrown away, I have thrown away at least six of those flyers since May. Instead, I knock on the doors and personally tell them about the home and its awesome features.  Then I invite them to the Open House.  I can’t help it, I am a Southern gal.

Then of course there is social media, photos, my website, my blog, YouTube videos, neighborhood profiles, etc.

If I were listing my property I would want to hire someone with a lot of large nets to cast, lots of knowledge, a “Marketing Master”.  Hmmm, someone like me.

If you are interested in learning the value of your home and would like for me to “size up” your homes competition call me at (980) 319-3664.  I am confident that I can sell your home as quickly as possible and getting you the most money as possible.